Imagination makes us infinite.

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I ❤️ krabby patties.

I was watching the first season finale of True Detective with my brother-in-law and my sister. It was one of the best finales I have ever watched for many reasons, but this is last part was what secured it in best finale glory. The one character, Rust, was explaining how he would make up stories from the stars at night while living in Alaska, because he had nothing else to do. Besides books, he only had the stars to keep his imagination alive. He would explain to Hart, his partner, that as he grew older he realized that there is only one story in this world. That story is Light Vs. Dark. Hart laughs and quips that it seems the dark is winning. Rust shakes his head and looks up and tells Hart how over the past millions of years this used to be all darkness, which means with all the stars, moons, comets, meteors, planets that shine bright in the night sky on any given night it means the light is  winning.

I just found this to be very profound and powerful. That even though you see more darkness than light, the light will still prevail. 



ok but here’s the thing,

everyone seems to think the Ravenclaw Common Room is constantly just people with their noses in books and super quiet scribbling away with the odd rousing debate.

While Ravenclaws are bookish and intelligent - people seem to forget their other defining feature: wit.


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Two fish are playing Street Fighter II and it is surprisingly awesome Right this minute, Aquarius and Robert the Bruce, two fish, are battling to the death in an epic game of Street Fighter II Turbo. You see, the two fish live in a fish tank wired up to a camera that tracks their movements and doles out the appropriate commands to the video game. It’s like FishPlaysPokemon, but more hardcore. I never thought I’d see one fish KO another fish using the “throw” move. But now I have, and I’m thankful.